Action Research Project – Capstone Educational Technology

Action research proposal

Do you feel that knowing how to create a functional website that allows you to have a global presence will help you meet your goals after you graduate from UD?

It is absolutely a helpful skill to be able to create a functional website, and the product that we created in this course may be an asset to me when looking for a job.

I do think it is helpful, it is just hard to make it appear how I want it to be. The more I practice the better I’ll be at it.

Yes. I believe that once my portfolio is finished I will be able to show it to potential future employers to achieve my future goals. My portfolio is an expression of myself and what I have learned during my time at UD and I feel it is an adequate reflection of my knowledge and skills as well as a who I am as a person.

I believe it will help me a little bit. I am starting a few of my own companies. I still haven’t decided whether I would use google sites or not because of a few issues I had with it. One of the issues was there are only a few fonts to pick from.

Yes because it puts my information in a larger network where more people have the opportunity to see it and give me opportunities I otherwise would not have had.

Yes, I am more comfortable with knowing how to create and edit a site, and could use this for different assignments, both work and school.

Yes, I feel understanding the need for documentation for your work is a useful skill to have.Combining the ideas of reflecting and vision are important keys to this project.

Yes, this assignment taught me a lot about how to make my own website as well as give me something to show future employers. Most classes, I don’t have much more than a paper or test grade to walk away with , but this assignment gave me something real and useful to take with me.

Yes, I believe that my e-portfolio will help me to meet my goals after graduation as I venture into the increasingly competitive job market. I think that it will serve as a useful tool in helping me to articulate and demonstrate the results of my undergraduate work to potential employers. , I found Google Sites to be somewhat frustrating to use, as it was difficult to personalize the site and control the page layouts. For example, picture size, placement, and movement was limited, font options were minimal etc. While I have never made a website before, my brother has been making sites for companies for quite some time and he informed me that Google Sites is one of the most difficult to work with. I found Tina’s instruction and handouts to be very helpful in familiarizing me with the site’s capabilities, however I think the site/program itself just does not offer students the flexibility to be creative while designing.

I do think that having knowledge of Google Sites is important, but I do not think there is enough creativity and flexibility with Google Sites to be able to create a functioning, well developed website in a future career.

yes but the process needs to be more clear

I do believe knowing how to use Google Sites and the ability to create a website will help me in life endeavors. If nothing else, this can be an excellent tool to use as a resume. It shows all I have accomplished in my college career and adds substance to a traditional resume; which it also has.

I think knowing how to create a google website is a great skill to have.